It is very difficult to locate any type of incline here in Houston to train. I have made plans to travel to Austin just to train on hills. Though there are no hills here, there are a number of overpasses that represent our complex road system; however, I am not sure the city allows runners to run on them. Better yet, I have ZERO interest in suicidal actions. Our campus has a nice athletic and training complex. Recently the athletic department upgraded our “hill, which was created to give our athletes an additional resource to train and improve their endurance.

Hill work is the one major feature missing in my training. I have read that the Boston course is tough due to its attempt at killing one’s quads. Case in point: The early miles at Boston takes a runner on a brutal decline. One might naturally think this is a great thing. Nope. Not according to the folks that claim you will pay for it once you hit Newton… in what is known as the Newton Hills. Its most noted hill is that of Heartbreak Hill.
Runners will tell you that Heartbreak Hill is not that bad; however, when it (really they since it totals 4 hills) comes at mile 21 after you have run down hill for part of the course, you start to question the meaning of life.