I made an attempt to complete my second medium long run at just 13 miles; I did a little over 15 a few days ago. The goal was to run this 13 mile run at 7:16 per mile pace. But, while in the second mile of it, I discovered it would be tough. Funny, but some guy was running within proximity of me in a way to use my pace as a guide. The only thing on my mind for those 3 miles was mere competition. Never a good thing while training.

By mile 9 I could not feel my legs. They were very heavy. Not only that, but I kept thinking that I am 1 more mile from an injury; I have not rested in weeks… which is not good. My body just felt exhausted. Thus, unlike the old Carson who would have kept running to complete the training run, I decided to end it. I am not feeling very fast right now. I know that will change; I need to reevaluate my training some.

Total miles today: 9 miles @ 7:33 per mile pace