Coach Pete’s training has me operating in what he calls macrocycles; it is an interesting process that works in five mesocycles.

Mesocycle 1: Endurance and increasing miles. I started off at 80 and will top off at 105 miles per week.

Mesocycle 2: Speed and endurance. I will use this cycle to push my miles over 100 per week while focusing on my lactate threshold. Ideally, this stage should get me closer to performing the distance at my ideal pace.

Mesocycle 3: Getting ready to race. Lots of miles and speed work. Again, I use this periodization to train my body to feel the race.

Mesocycle 4: Taper. Though I work to cut my miles here, they still remain high. After this stage, I should go into my race feeling renewed.

Mesocycle 5: Recovery and prep work for the Chicago Marathon in October.