I am always looking for cool competitive races to run. Here is one that I most recently became aware of here in Texas. With the Boston Marathon slated for mid April, I have elected not to run any full marathons (26.2 miles) until Boston. I hear about folks running marathon after marathon all of the time; I am not clear why. My focus is Boston. In the process of gearing up for Boston, I am running Austin’s Half-marathon in February, which I will now follow-up with the Seabrook Trail Half-marathon. Here is the cool part: This race has a challenge in which you can run one 13.1 miler race one day, then follow it up with another 13.1 miler the next. I am going to do that. I will use the first day’s race as my Boston marathon goal pace race. And, I fully intend on placing in the top 3 overall, as well as within my division, too. Due to the impact of day one’s event, I will race the second day at competitive pace…but one slower than at day one’s pace. This is to offset any delays in my training for the rest of the week.