18 miles of hard running today; I did the first 10 miles at a relaxed 7 minute and 39 sec per mile pace; I followed that with 8 miles @ 7 minutes and 2 seconds per mile pace. The latter was about 8 seconds slower than I wanted. But, I could not get more out of a pretty intense run.

I am liking my progressive runs, especially my longer runs. A mistake too many runners make is that of the very slow long run. They train to run a marathon at a pace two mintes slower than their goal pace; I like hitting my goal pace late in a run. I have officially subscribed to high weekly miles. According to my training plan, I will easily eclipse 100 miles per week for a number of weeks. I am hoping that the high miles will offset late stage fatigue, which I experienced in Memphis.

Total Miles for Week 16: (72)