12 mile AM run today; I felt good seeing that I just did 10 late yesterday afternoon, and 14 total.  The first 9 miles were @ 7:43 pace. The last 3 miles were @ 7:06.I am learning that every run does not have to be a race. Better yet, I need slower runs such as this to off set injuries and add heavier miles to my weekly base.

Though I will have totaled 80 miles after my 30k race Sunday, I am liking my new perspective on total miles. I recently read an article in Running Times in which elite runner Amy Begley joined Alberto Salazar’s Nike training program. Once she joined the team, Salazar looked to cut down on the number of injuries she faced. Thus, he concluded that once her miles went beyond 65 per week, she become susceptible to injuries. So they tool on a new approach. They started counting her total volume of miles. For example, though Begley might only run 65 miles per week, she can do running type activities that will her base, such as underwater treadmill running, aqua running, cycling, and elliptical machines. After reading this piece, I too decided to emulate her model, seeing that I have been plagued with constant running injuries dating back to when I first started in college.